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Vehicle Refinance

Do you want to pay less on your monthly vehicle instalments?

If you want to reduce your monthly vehicle instalments, then vehicle refinance is exactly what you need! Easy Car Loans aims to make the process of car refinance a simplified and effortless process. To do this, we partner with reputable South African banks to guarantee the best rate for you.

What is a Vehicle Refinance?

Car refinance is an innovative process whereby Easy Car Loans provides finance through one of our reputable banking partners for one of the following three scenarios:

  • You have a fully paid off vehicle and choose to refinance it for the market value and get cash out. Thus, you enter into a new credit agreement with a lender.
  • You have a current credit agreement in place and choose to refinance your vehicle to reduce the monthly repayment. This is done by extending the loan agreement. Thus you enter into a new credit agreement, and Easy Car Loans will settle the previous credit agreement in full.
  • You have an existing credit agreement, and the amount owed on your vehicle is less than the market value, the vehicle is then refinanced for market value. Thus, you receive the difference between market value and the existing settlement value out in cash by entering into a new credit agreement.

Furthermore, Easy Car Loans, can refinance a variety of vehicles or leisure assets, such as boats, caravans, trailers, bikes and commercial vehicles.

Easy Car Loans makes applying for vehicle refinance quick and easy by coming to you!

Applying for vehicle refinance can be a complicated and timely process. With Easy Car Loans, we do everything for you, from start to finish.

All you need to do is:

An Easy Car Loan representative will then guide you through the loan process and facilitate the best deal for you with an improved monthly rate. Better yet, you can sign all the necessary documentation within the comfort of your own home or office.

To qualify you'll need to meet the following credit criteria:

  • Healthy credit record with no defaults or judgments
  • A valid South African driver’s license
  • A valid South African identity document
  • South African registered vehicles only
  • A minimum monthly income of R 8 500.00
  • No vehicles older than ten years
  • No code 3, stolen recovered or accident damaged vehicles.

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  • No deposit required
  • Approved in just a few hours
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